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We’re based in Lincoln, UK

Booking your workshop

I have a slightly different way of booking workshops and courses. Instead of picking a day, advertising it and hoping to get bookings, I prefer to book on an individual basis.

This means you get to come when you want to, without having to wait months for your workshop.

How it works

Contact me and we’ll work out a day which is mutually convenient. I’ll then advertise it and if others would like to join us, that’ll be fun – I only take a maximum of 3 students for any workshop – if not, then you’ll get a 1-to-1 all to yourself! I’m always happy to run workshops with only one student.


A £50 deposit is payable on all workshops and courses.

This is non-refundable if you cancel and we can’t arrange another day. It is fully refundable in the unlikely event that I cancel and another day can’t be agreed on.

How to book

Contact me by email  or by phone on 01522 244864 or 07890 373502 and we’ll discuss dates.

Not in Lincoln?

There are lots of very good, reasonably-priced hotels and B&B’s in Lincoln and I can send you details of some nearby. I have no affiliation with any of these, beyond what my students tell me. If you come by train, I can pick you up at the station and ferry you to and from your accommodation at no extra charge, if you’re staying overnight.