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5-Day Traditional Upholstery Course

Upholstery is a very useful skill to learn and it’s possible to do excellent quality work with remarkably few specialist tools. You can also easily turn your new skills into a profitable paying hobby or small business, with some further practice.

Come and join us for a 5-day (35 hour) in-depth course which will give you all the basic professional skills needed to traditionally re-upholster a double overstuffed sprung chair seat. This course gives you all the basics of the 2-day workshop, plus a lot more.

You’ll learn:

  • Building the structure of the upholstery in 18 separate layers/processes:

~ webbing
~ stitching in springs
~ tying in springs
~ hessian layer
~ stitching in spring tops
~ bridle ties
~ coir stuffing
~ second hessian layer
~ through ties
~ edge stitching
~ roll edge stitching
~ second coir stuffing
~ cotton flocking layer
~ calico layer
~ wadding layer
~ top fabric layer
~ edging
~ bottom cloth.


  • How to deal with dodgy joints (the chair’s, not yours!!)
  • Bringing tired wood finishes back to life
  • Tips for safely stripping old upholstery
  • How to make elegant double piping for the edge finish
  • How to make buttons and how you would use them to make a buttoned chair back or headboard, for example.

The fee for the workshop includes:

  • All materials needed to spring and upholster an upright chair
    (you are welcome to bring your own top fabric but we’ll need to chat about it in advance)
  • A nice, usually antique chair to work on and take home
  • Use of all necessary tools
  • Refreshments on tap all day
  • A good lunch of your choice each day at the local eatery

All-inclusive ~ £695.00