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Wire-wrapped Glass Cat

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If you like cats, you’ll love this little puss!

His (or her – it’s your decision!)  birth took quite a while – first, the decorative glass sheet that he’s cut from has to be put together from small pieces kiln-fired onto a clear base.

Then, the head, body and feet are cut from the resulting glass sheet, the edges are smoothed and the parts go back into the kiln to be fire-polished. Each firing takes most of a day.

Then comes several hours of work to wire him all together, adding Swarovski crystals for a extra-sparkly collar.

He’s a real labour of love!

Our puss-mog stands about 6 inches (15cms) high, from his toes to the tips of his ears.

Everyone surely needs a glass cat in their lives, but he’s a one-of-a-kind puss – he has brothers and sisters but they’re all different and unique, so claim him quickly before someone else does!


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