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Knitting Stitch Markers

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Its so annoying to have to stop knitting to rummage in your bag for a stitch marker, isn’t it?

That’s why this little set is such a winner.

Four cute and unique stitch markers are attached by a trigger clip that’s fixed to a pretty bow brooch. Just pin the brooch to you and you’ll never have to go on a marker hunt again!

These knitting markers are made from lampworked glass beads. These are created in our studio by manipulating glass rods in a very hot flame. The beads then spend about 8 hours in a kiln to ‘anneal’, making sure they’re strong and will stay beautiful for ever.

These sets consist of 4 stitch markers and their bow brooch-hangers. The set comes gift-packaged in a pretty, sparkly silver box.

Every set – and every bead, for that matter – is entirely unique so it’s not possible to choose which set you get, but we guarantee it will be a lovely surprise!

**Buy these with a Knitted Sock Kit and save £3.00!**



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